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CNN's Don Lemon calls the White House a "fortress of fear," after workers constructed additional fencing along the complex amid protests over the death of George Floyd.
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A beleaguered Donald Trump needed an idea for the next episode of his tragic television series, American President. Protesters riled by the death of George Floyd, a black man whose killing by police was caught on camera, were massing in cities across the country. The world knew that...
Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska broke with many of her Republican colleagues Thursday, applauding an op-ed by General James Mattis that condemned President Donald Trump's actions this week.
While Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden is the big-ticket race in November, the fight for Senate majority is also crucially important. Chris Cillizza explains why the Trump White House is becoming increasingly nervous about losing the majority in the Senate in 2020, and the impact that loss could have. ...
Piers Morgan's live interview with Rudy Giuliani on Thursday devolved into a heated argument, that at times turned very personal, on ITV's "Good Morning Britain."
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees issued an apology Thursday for his "insensitive" comments made yesterday in an interview with Yahoo Finance.