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CNN's Brianna Keilar fact checks Donald Trump Jr. after he falsely claimed on Fox News that coronavirus deaths in the US are "almost nothing."
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta gives his reaction to the antibody treatment that the White House says President Donald Trump is receiving for Covid-19.
The Trump administration is introducing a series of new restrictions on visas that allow immigrants to temporarily work in the United States, marking the latest effort to bar the entry of immigrants to the country.
Ten states reported their highest single-day tallies of new Covid-19 infections Friday, and the country reported its highest one-day total since July, as experts say a dangerous fall surge of coronavirus infections is well underway.
Former "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant Krystal Nielson shared a video where she tearfully announced that she is pregnant.
CNN's Sara Sidner responds to President Trump's claim that he does not know who the Proud Boys are a day after encouraging the far-right group to "stand back and stand by" during the first presidential debate.
Traditionally the Thanksgiving holiday is heavily traveled, but climbing coronavirus case numbers have many rethinking their plans. CNN's Natasha Chen reports the decision hasn't come easily for all.
In this week's edition of "Unfiltered from Home," host SE Cupp is joined by CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter to break down the 2020 Republican National Convention.
A staunch ally of Donald Trump said Sunday it was time for the President to end his futile gambit to overturn the results of the election.